In case you run into issues using our software, there are a couple things you can look into first.

Open The Console Log

  1. While in the software, hit F12 or Fn+F12 (MacOS). This will open the developer tools.
  2. Navigate to the Console tab.
  3. Use the software as you normally would
  4. If there is an error that appears in the log, right-click on the log and hit Save-As, and send us a copy of that log file for troubleshooting

Run As Administrator

Getting EPERM, or other permission-related problem? Run as admin.

The software needs full read and write access to your selected output folder. Sometimes, the folder you pick might require more permissions from your system. The software will then be unable to properly output the folder and most likely crash or give you an error. Make sure you run the software as administrator (right click and select "Run as admin") if you are on Windows. This does not affect Mac.

Unzipping Stuck, Corrupted Archive (Bad Zip)

Make sure none of your zips are corrupted or broken.

Downloading multiple large files from Google Takeout using a browser can often lead to a corrupted zip because of various interruptions. You can try re-downloading all your files from Takeout using a third-party download manager of your choice, or try to download them via the browser without any interruptions like the computer going to sleep or the browser closing.

Missing Exifdata in .JSON

Make sure all the necessary info is written in the .JSON files inside Google Takeout's zips.

Our tool uses metadata info it finds in each file's corresponding .JSON file. You can find those .JSON files by unzipping the archive files downloaded from Google Takeout. In the event that your files still don't have the correct date or other metadata after processing, make sure that information is found in the .JSON files.

Wrong Timezone

Make sure the .JSON files in Google Takeout's zips have GPS coordinates.

Google Takeout strips the picture and video time zone from the metadata and only provides the time in UTC format in the .JSON file. We use the GPS coordinates provided in the .JSON file to convert the UTC timestamp back into its local time.

In the event that no GPS coordinates are provided for a file, our tool will look for another file taken within a similar time period that does have GPS coordinates and assume that they were taken in the same time zone.

Lastly, if no surrounding file with GPS coordinates can be found, the software will simply write the time in UTC format and hope that the user's local machine converts it to its current time zone.

If you encounter any issues with time zones, please make sure that you have GPS coordinates written in your .JSON files first.

Still Has the Wrong Dates in Apple Photos (Mac)

Make sure to delete all previously imported files in Apple Photos Mac App and clear its "Recently Deleted" folder because it will cache any previously imported photos with wrong dates.

We've noticed that importing correctly processed photos in Apple Photos Mac App will still show the wrong date if you have previously imported photos with the wrong date in the past (example: you tried importing them in Apple Photos after downloading the archives from Takeout and noticed it didn't work properly).

We strongly recommend clearing those previously imported pictures from your Photos App and also clear your "Recently Deleted" folder so there is no cache file.


Common questions and answers about our tool

Why do I need this?

When exporting from Google Takeout, your photos and videos may not have any of their metadata information written on them making it very hard to upload your library elsewhere and maintain their chronological order, GPS data, and other information. This tool will help you recover that and fix your images.

How does this software work?

We use Phil Harvey's ExifTool to go through each media files and find their corresponding .json file containing all their metadata. We then merge the two so that your images and videos contain their correct metadata.

What's the demo?

The demo offers the exact same functionality as the full version but limits you to a 100 pictures to give you a chance to try our service. If you think this can help your photo library, please consider getting the full version.

Why does this cost money?

After experiencing a lot of frustration with Google Takeout's messy export ourselves, we decided to create a simple interface to make the whole process seamless and stress-free. Pictures are important memories and we know the feeling of having them all left unsorted, especially when trying to import them elsewhere. This tool took a lot of time to create, test, and to make sure it processed all files from a typical Google Takeout library while being in an easy-to-use interface, and so we felt that it was fair to ask for a small fee to help maintain it.

How do I get help if I come across a bug?

We're constantly trying to improve this tool and make it easier for you to process your pictures! Please start by checking our Support Page for common problems. If you come across any other bug or issue that prevents you from processing all your photos and videos properly, please contact us so we can help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What file types do you support?

Currently, we support all file types that ExifTool supports which include JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, MOV, MP4, and other common file types. Some known file types that are problematic include MPG/MPEG, AVI. For those, we write the date and time to the Modified Date field as fallback since systems like Synology can still use that correctly.

There have been issues writing metadata to some HEIC files where they seem to be corrupted from Google Photos (those photos are still viewable and importable elsewhere but we can't write to them, which may be due to the way Google Photos exports them).

Do you issue refunds?

We do not issue refunds for accidental purchases. It is your responsibility to use the demo before purchasing the software.

Please check our Support Page for common problems, and contact us if you find any errors in the Console Log (see Support Page).

We'll work with you to get the issue resolved and to make sure you're satisfied.

**Please note that we will not refund purchases for issues outside our control such as missing file or information from Google Takeout archive. Please use the Demo first to make sure it works before buying. We  require a copy of your Log (see Support Page) before issuing a refund for technical issues.

Restoring Your Purchase

To restore your purchase on another computer, please email us for a code.

Still having issues?

We'd love to help! Contact us and we'll help you resolve your issue!
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