How To Use Metadata Fixer for Google Photos.

Learn the easy steps to get your photos and their metadata combined.

Step 1

Log In To Google Takeout

Navigate to

Step 2
Select To Download Your Photos

Deselect all options except for your Google Photos.

Step 3
Create The Export

Once your export is ready, you'll receive an email prompting you to download zip files.

Step 4
Open Metadata Fixer

Go through the steps of our software.

Step 5
Let Us Fix Your Images' Metadata

Drag your Zips in our software and let it go through your entire library. We automatically find each media file and its corresponding JSON file and merge them to create a single image or video file containing everything you need.

Step 6
Import into another application like iCloud

Once your photos are processed, they are ready to be imported into another library application such as Apple Photos. They will import correctly and in chronological order.

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