Are Your Google Takeout Pictures and Videos Out of Order?

Fix Your Pictures' and Videos' EXIF Metadata When Exporting From Google Takeout.

Meet Metada Fixer

A simple and effective interface to correct all your photos from Takeout.

What We Fix

How does it work

Process An Unlimited Amount of Photos

Our tool can go through any amount of pictures. Upload as many zip files as you receive from Google Takeout and we'll take care of finding all your pictures and videos for you and their corresponding JSON file containing their precious metadata.

Fix Any Media File Types

We go through all the files within the zips no matter what they are. If you have JPG, PNG, MOV, MP4 or any other media type, we have you covered. Each file has a corresponding JSON and we'll take care of merging them.

Import back into iCloud, Synology NAS or others

Easily import your entire processed Google Takeout folder into any other photo library app like Apple Photos. The processed photos and videos will have keep their chronological order and any other metadata information and carry over seamlessly to your new photo library.

"Had been using google photos for a while now to keep my pictures. With the recent announcements by google to remove their free unlimited package, I decided to give this a try. Worked wonders!! It was super easy to use, and kept everything intact!”

David Chartrand
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